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About Us

Equilook Equestrian Trading LTD. is a Canadian subsidiary of Al Bahyah Feed & Supply L.L.C. Carrying on the legacy and expertise of its Parent Company, Equilook Equestrian Trading LTD. will fulfill the needs and expectations of Canadian and international clients through the distribution of equestrian supplies and equipment. Equilook Equestrian Trading LTD. will offer products such as wood shavings, saddles, breeches, hay, and hoof makers.

Our Services

Horse Feeds

Our aim has always been the same since day one: to use only the highest quality ingredients available and to offer the horse owner a range of products with the highest levels of active-ingredient inclusion of any supplement on the market.

Horse Care Products

Proper horse care starts with the right supplies. Keep your horse healthy and happy with everything you need for grooming, fly control, supplementing diet, first aid and more.

Horse Tools

We provide a variety of Horse products such as Horse Walkers, Treadmills, Horse Shoes & Farrier Tools, Wood Shavings & Hay.

Horse Transportation

At Equilook theres no task that are too big to handle and no location is out of our reach. We transport up to 100 horses per flight and deliver all over the world, so whatever you task might be, we asure you that we can help you.

Equestrian Products

We have partnered with some of the best international European brands such to provide a wide range of clothing and equipment from beginner to professional riding levels.

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